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The Wide and Varied Car Accessories

Posted: Thursday, December 15, 2011
There's such a range of available accessories nowadays for your vehicle. It can be hard to decide which accessories are necessary, and choosing can cost a lot in time and energy. Accessorizing cars is almost a fanatical pastime for American car owners. A famous columnist even wrote an article once showing how the majority of cars in the US are over-accessorized, with more than one cup holder available per passenger in the vehicle, to illustrate his point.

At least these accessories are put to good use with the high beverage consumption in America, whereas in Europe, it would be unthinkable for people to drink any kind of drink at the same time as driving. That's largely because drinking coffee in Europe is an event in itself. So taking it out of that atmosphere to enjoy it while driving isn't done.

It's fairly normal in American culture to handle several different tasks even while driving. Thus, the need for accessories is high to help accommodate those needs. You need a cell phone holder to store your phone while on the road, and because it's common to spend so long in the car, you need a place to store all the music CDs you want to listen to while driving. There needs to be a place to store your change for toll. A lot of these accessories are now common across the board of vehicle purchases.

There are a few cars in the US today that don't have alarms that scream in protest if something hits them or key rings that can open the car from a distance. Yet, there are so many more possibilities like an alarm if the antenna breaks. Where do we draw the line at car accessories? Are we already there? Or did we pass the mark of usefulness a long time ago? Probably, it's said by some, standard accessories included on cars should only be those that are practical and necessary for function.

If you asked American consumers which accessories they can't live without, they'll no doubt mention key rings giving access from a distance, cup holders to hold their numerous beverages, and accessories for their cell phones so they can talk hands-free as required by law in most states. These are the kind of accessories that aid and enhance the use of your vehicle.

You're still fortunate if you own a vehicle that functions well that's not kitted out with all the latest accessories. But should you desire some upgrades, you'll find plenty of options in car accessories available for you to own and add to your vehicle.

By Terje Brooks


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