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How Car Mats Can Still Enhance Our Motor Vehicles

Posted: Wednesday, December 14, 2011

By Chris Perkins

The use of car mats in cars is quite a necessity in order to keep a car's interior protected. Before the advent of carpeting and rust prevention came into the manufacturing of cars, people used car mats to prevent the floor of a car from the dirt and moisture that encouraged rust. In fact back in the 1960s and 70s, it was quite common to have floorboards that completely rusted away because of exposure to road salt and other snow melting chemicals.

So people used rubber mats to help prevent this from happening and causing untold damage to their motor vehicles.

These days cars have their floors carpeted or coated in plastic from manufacture and in some cases mats may be integrated into the carpeting. Also in use are rubber, nylon carpet and plastic shields that have enhanced the protection of car interiors for generations to come and make sure that having rusted floors in a thing of the past.

In fact mats have become one of the most unappreciated accessories that you could have for a car because of these advances in technology. By adding mats to your car interior you can protect the interior carpeting, dry your shoes effectively, keep your feet more steady on the pedals and add more comfort and luxury to your motor vehicle.

So even though these days, cars come fully carpeted, Car mats still have a place in our driving experience and are an underestimated part of enhancing our motor vehicles, providing added comfort and protection for our car interiors and increasing their potential resale value.


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