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Having Nice Things: Car Accessories in This Century

Posted: Saturday, December 31, 2011
Automotive accessories have come a long way since cars started being seen on the highway. Fuzzy dice and bumper stickers used to be the extent of the accessorizing options.

After all, you have limitless car accessory possibilities these days!

The global positioning system is one of my favorite new car accessories. With it I never have to ask for directions. I hate getting lost and if I had a GPS system, I could just cruise. I hate not being in charge and my pride always hurts when I have to where to go.

With a GPS system I could go on road trips without a navigator. I wouldn't need some kno-it-all in the passenger seat telling me about which road to take or what the map says. Plus the GPS never needs to take extra bathroom breaks!

DVD players now come standard as an automotive accessory in many cars. What an advancement in technology! I love the idea that technological advances can even help to shut up the young ones on those long trips across the country.

Do you love listening to punk rock or heavy metal? I think satelite radio is the best way to hear all your favorites whether you're in a rural or in the city. What a fun car accessory! It's like a toy for grown-ups!

Do you want the outside of your car to attract the ladies' attention? I did, which is why I bought a flashing licence plate liner, rotating rims and a glowing undercarriage. Boy, did that really turn heads! I am proud to say that there are many useful automotive accessories for your car exterior.

I really love the fact that I have better automotive accessories than anyone I know. Boy do I really attact attention all over the place. I know that everyone is craving the accessories I have purchased.

But seriously, it is exciting to see how far automotive accessories come so far. I am looking forward to seeing how the technology will change in the next ten years. Fasten your seat belts!

Rusty Humboldt enjoys composing articles on diverse subjects. His interest has lead him to build both his library and workshop to overflowing. His friends, family and neighbors are always wondering what he'll come up with next. Go to Automobiles [] for more of Rusty's musings about cars.
By Rusty Humboldt


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