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Car Accessories

Posted: Saturday, December 17, 2011
Car accessories play an integral role in improving both the looks and performance of a car making it the envy of your friends and family. Contrary to popular belief, car accessories are not meant only for racers and car enthusiast. Even your family car can benefit from the right car accessories. However, it is vital to choose the right accessories for your car because incorrectly chosen accessories will detract from rather than improve the performance of your cherished wheels.

Types of Car Accessories

Following are some of the most common car accessories available in the market;
• Floor Mats - Floor mats help keep your cars interior in pristine shape by protecting the floors against spills, mud, stones, tar etc. Various types of floor mats are available in the market including but not limited to; all-weather floor mats, carpeted floor mats, rubber floor mats, and floor mats with popular auto and sports logos. Floor mats are made from high quality thermo-plastic for specific make(s) and model(s)to provide maximum protection without covering the floor controls.

• Car Bras - Car bars are designed to protect the front end of your car from scratches, bug splatters, bug juice, rocks, stones etc. Car bras are made from thick vinyl and deflect harmful materials away from the front end of your car preventing dents and scratches that detract from the way your car looks. They don't flap, or bunch up giving your vehicle a chic look. Car bras are fitted with padded hooks that ensure that it does not leave marks on the front end of your car and can be easily removed while servicing.

• Dash Kits - Dash kits cover the contours of the dashboard of your car to prevent damage from scratches, spills and/or ultraviolet rays etc. Dash kits are an increasingly popular car accessory that is available in various different styles and colors to give your car the perfect look of your choice giving you the option to cover the dash board, stereo, gauges and vents, etc. Dash kits are simple to install and can be put on in a matter of minutes.

• Vent Visors (or Rain Guards) - Vent visors help channel airflow away from the windows of your car reducing the noise and letting you drive in a much quieter and more peaceful environment. Once you have installed vent visors, you can keep your windows open about half an inch without running the risk of rain, dust, or bugs coming in through the windows. Vent visors are now available for almost all make(s) and model(s) and are very simple to install and are either secured on the window channel or along the rubber seal by a pre-applied automotive tape.

By Hamza Ejaz


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