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Toyota Highlander Hybrid Exterior and Interior Review

Posted: Wednesday, November 20, 2013

By Thomas Jones


As a sports utility vehicle, the vehicle is about middle-sized and is still of a large build, giving it plenty of room to move around and relax. This particular exterior looks different from others as the power train in this particular vehicle.

The grille of the Highlander has been revamped now, and the fascia itself has intake vents that are bigger and go along with the fog lamps. These are all in place to help the hybrid remain cooler and to keep this capacity as long as possible, which is certainly a benefit. There is an LED tail light now that replaces the aspirated Highlander of the conventional variety. These lights are much better for the vehicle, increasing the visibility as well as helping encourage the safety features, as well as having an aesthetic value. The actual wheels are 17-inch and alloy, as well as being mounted on stylish tires in order to gain much better traction than could be.

As for the wheelbase and stance of the car, the base is long and the actual stance seems to be very squat and stout. The actual style of the body looks much better than even anything the Lexus line has created, especially the RX 400h, Lexus's new luxury hybrid. The roofline is much more squared off, and overall, the fender arches are pretty well-proportioned. The overall style of the exterior is much more impressive, even though the silhouette of this vehicle would probably be described as relatively squished.

The Toyota Highlander is a rugged and smart-looking vehicle, and physically, this SUV is a head-turner, uniquely representing these features. Sleek with smoother outlines, the appearance also has a unified and seamless profile. For families, the vehicle even looks like a rugged outdoors vehicle that would easily be used on a weekend trip. The flow of the vehicle looks pretty awesome from top to bottom, and the exterior is a beauty.

The other amazing feature about the exterior is that the Highlander Hybrid is available in several colors, and all of them have interesting names like oasis green pearl, Sonora gold pearl, millennium silver metallic, and ash leather. The color schemes are quite interesting, and make the freedom of choice a joy.


Because of the wide and long exterior that the Highlander has, the interior is incredibly spacious and roomy, which automatically makes it extremely comfortable. Just by looking at the exterior, there is enough to tell that the multi-purpose interior is spacious and that the front and backseat areas both have enough leg room, as well as shoulder room. Inside of the vehicle, the style is cozy but smart, and has a well-refined taste to it. Already mentioned, the vehicle is comfortable, and also has plenty of characteristics that make it convenient, as well as plenty of accessories and features to make this car a blast to drive.

The bench seat is split at a forty/twenty/forty in the second of the Highlander's rows. As a result, passengers can remove the center portion of the seat if they need to, and even the entire bench can just be removed, then stored so that there is an open aisle in the center, giving more space and freedom of movement. The second row also has the capability of using two captain's chairs, and that does give the Highlander the feel close to a minivan. As for the third door, it is entirely optional, but the bench can always fold and lay flat down to the floor.

Considering there is plenty of seating and a lot of space, it isn't surprising that the Highlander could easily hold up to seven people. There is a concern, though, to note that because the third row is much more narrow than others, adults might have a harder time sitting in the third row. From the second row's back on, though, the Highlander contains at least 42 cubic feet of space.

In looking at the cargo storage abilities, the Highlander can easily carry 94 cubic feet of cargo, which makes it ideal for weekend trips or getaways. In this particular case, the vehicle is able to give enough room for cargo, as well as luggage of passengers, perhaps.

The Highlander has both base and limited trim levels in the fuel-efficient vehicles. The actual base models have five passenger seats, a phenomenal audio system, tilting and telescopic steering wheels, as well as wood-grain polished trims and an air conditioning system. Like many of Toyota's vehicles, the back-up camera is viewable through the center screen, which also gives vehicle information. In the limited models, the third row bench is added and allows the vehicle to then take on a total of seven people. The limited models have the same features as the base model, but also have a power driver's seat as well as a six-disc CD changer with a six-disc capacity in the system, located in the dashboard. In fact, it's also possible to have the rear contain a DVD system.

As for the actual cockpit, the drive is much more modernized, especially when compared with the conventional Highlander. Instead of a tachometer, the Highlander has a power meter that specifically measures the output from both engines, giving you the combined number. With this dashboard, there is a video screen that is central and in color, detailing the fuel economy as well as power flow. As well as telling diagnostic information, this screen can also display the GPS system if you wish to have one installed.


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