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How to Get the Best Possible New Car Deal

Posted: Friday, October 18, 2013

By Luara Simpson

Buying a new a car is an exciting process, though one needs to do a lot of homework, and carry out extensive research to get the best deal, and not get cheated in any manner. The process consists of few simple steps. If these are carried out properly, one can buy the car one desires, at the suitable price, or alternatively even avail a deal consisting of a price that is even lower than expected.

Step 1
To purchase a new car begin by narrowing down the list of cars one wants to purchase. Finalize on two or three of the makes and models one likes. For doing this, visit trusted sites and check out the safety rating of the particular model.

Step 2
Make a final list of the probable options one is likely to consider seriously i.e. sedan (4 doors), coupe (2 doors), wagon etc. This should be decided on the bases of the actual price of the model.

Step 3
Visit the dealers website and choose the option of "design my own vehicle". Search for your favorite interior as well as exterior colors, and also choose the features which one desires in the car. After this, find the dealers cost of the car by taking the help of directions available on the website. This information is very useful and important so it is recommended you take the necessary prints outs, or paste it in a word processor or similar software by taking a snapshot and pasting it in for future reference. Further one can also add the desired accessories, and follow the same process to determine the cars cost. By doing this for every car, one would actually realize weather one still wants the particular car one had in mind, or go in for some other model.

Step 4
Take a test drive of each model having the required features one is interested in. For example if one wishes to drive a four door, make sure that the dealer does not let one drive a two door model. Ride the exact model you are interested in. Cars with the same make but different year of manufacture can differ to a great extent in their designs. Also find out from the dealer the lowest prices available for ones "must have' preferences. This can also be found out from the sticker on the cars window.

It is recommended to be polite but firm while negotiating with the sales person regarding the price and the features associated with the desired car. Buying a new car is a big investment, and hence one should take all the time one wants before reaching to any decision. Clarify the deadline of the purchase to the salesman, and also that the purchase will only be done where the best price is available. An individual should not get pressurized to buy the car the same day, one can always postpone the purchase. Avail a quote of all the best prices offered by the sales person for the individuals preferred options. If the quote is not available, make the necessary notes for the purpose of comparing the prices.

Step 5
Search and avail an internet quote by surfing different websites. Search for all the cheap new cars for sale. Generally these sites give the quote of the basic models without the accessories or added features. This is the time when one must use the earlier research carried out. Save these online quotes and call up these online dealers to avail the prices of ones preferred accessories. Note all this down.

Step 6
By now one has finalized on the car one wants. One should go to the nearest dealer with all the related paperwork. Show the sales person the lowest available quote one has got online, and ask for a better offer. If not, then at least a quote equal to the existing one. If the sales person agrees, and is ready to add some freebies which one prefers as a compensation for the price difference, be ready to buy the car! If the sales representative does not agree, then go to the dealer who has offered the best quote on internet. This can save you a considerable amount of money.


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