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Popular Accessories For Trucks and SUVs

Posted: Tuesday, September 3, 2013

By Petru Cretu

Are you the proud owner of a sports utility vehicle? Do you spend your weekends polishing your pick-up truck? Chances are, you have put in many hours giving your vehicle your personal touch. In addition the scratches and minor damages from daily use of your vehicle, your vehicle would have assumed a different appearance from the one you actually brought home. By now, your car would have taken on the personality you have chosen to give it. Here is a look at some of the many accessories that pickup truck and SUV owners find attractive.

The choices of accessories are staggering, and in the range of hundreds of different items. Following is a list of accessories that you might consider for you vehicle. They are arranged in near-alphabetical order.

Air Filters: In recent times, reusable air filters are becoming ever-attractive because of their performance as well as ecological advantages.

Bed Mats: If you are constantly troubled by nicks and dirty spots on your pickup truck bed, consider installing a bed mat.

Car Bras: Hood protectors are in great demand by SUV and pickup-truck owners. They are great in protecting vehicles from stray garbage on the freeway or highways. In addition, they look great, too!

Dog Box: Give your pup a place in your car that he can call his own. The Dog Box fits well in GMC Yukons that need protection from pet hair and dander.

Engine Modules can help you if you are want more power. By adding an engine module, you can rev up your vehicle's horse power and speed.

Fender Flares: Go all out and make your vehicle your own with super cool fender flares. They not only give your vehicle an eye-catching image, they also offer protection for your fenders.

Grille Guard: If you use your SUV or pick-up truck on a farm where you herd cattle, a grille guard will protect the front of your car from damage.

Hitch: A hitch needs no explanation! It's an indispensable tool to for towing.

Intake Tube: Pump in more air to your engine. It translates into more power.

Jumper Cables: For those days when your battery refuses to work!

Knock Sensor: This may not qualify as an accessory, but it definitely helps to have one!

Liquid Tank: You can keep things cool with this cool accessory.

Mud Flaps: Planning to do some off-the-road driving? Make sure you get mud flaps to keep your wheels ship-shape.

Nerf Bars: These tubular, free-form bumpers are quite unlike, and definitely show more character than the run-of-the-mill bumper.

Overhead Storage: What you want to store here, is entirely up to your discretion.

Performance Chip: Here is another way to ramp up the horsepower and pick-up.

Q: We don't have any accessories here, yet, but something may be available soon enough!

Running Boards: What's an SUV without running boards? How else can you step up on your trusty steed?

Seat Covers: Keep your interiors looking as new as the exterior. Consider buying some customized seat covers that complement the look of your vehicle, and also keep the seats from getting torn or stained.

Tailgate Door: What's in a door? Get a net and get into the groove. A net helps keep the stuff in the bed from moving around.

Umbrella: Not exactly a SUV accessory, but still a necessity to get you home dry once you have stepped down from those shiny running boards.

Vent Visor: This keeps you dry as you get out of your GMC Suburban.


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