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A Guide to Different Types of Car Clocks

Posted: Friday, June 28, 2013

By Nathan Oram

Car clocks are very essential accessories of cars which provide passengers the facility to keep a track of time while travelling or racing. Clocks are necessary in any type of car whether it is a racing car, sports car, a passenger car or a family car.

Clocks in car have been in use since ages. Earlier, there were mechanical model of clocks which could be mounted on the interior parts of a car like dashboard, steering wheel, rear view mirror etc. And with the advent of new technology clocks are changing in their form and design very frequently. Every day you see a new design and form of clocks used in cars.

There are different types of clocks which are used in cars, some of which are listed below:

1. Traditional Car Watches: These clocks were formerly used to keep an eye on time while driving. These watches used to come in Quartz style. They could be mounted on interior parts of car like steering wheel, dashboard etc.
2. Analog Car Watches: These watches display time when you position your hand on the dial. But these watches are not as good functionally and face mechanical problems very frequently. They are also not visible in the dark.
3. Digital Car Watches: They are very good functionally and are loaded with different types of features. This type of clock displays time digitally and its features include the options of alarm and date settings. You can use the alarm clock very easily. You just need to set the alarm timings and it will buzz at the set time. Along with having an eye on the time of the day you can also see the date and day. These watches have LED display, enabling the user to see time even in dark.

Thus, these are some of the car watches which are an important accessory in a car. Nowadays, almost every car provides clock facility and, generally, most of the car manufacturers mount the clock on the lighting circuit of the car.


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