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iPod Car Accessories - The Essential Must-Haves

Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012
iPods are not only becoming more and more popular; they are getting easier and easier to use to! Now, with the ever growing ipod car accessories market, you can take your iPod to your car with both style and functionality.

Here are some descriptions of different iPod car accessories that will make a car trip that much better, categorized into three common uses: Playing your iPod through your car stereo, keeping your iPod in place through the car ride, and charging your iPod.

Playing your iPod through your car stereo

Ever wanted to play your iPod music through your car stereo? Well, you can! FM Transmitters, Cassette Adapters, and Audio Jacks all serve that function, eliminating the need to listen to over commercialized radio, carrying around several CDs and cassettes, or listening through your earphones, which can be dangerous while driving. You'll want to invest in at least one of the three, it'll make time in the car more pleasant.

1. FM Transmitter

A good FM Transmitter will allow you to play your iPod music in the car. You put one end of the transmitter into your car's cigarette lighter adapter. Then adjust your car's radio station to the same as the one on the transmitter, and voila - the music from your iPod will come through your car stereo. It is dependent on the radio signal, however, so you may experience some difficulties under bridges, or other places with unclear signal.

2. Cassette Adapters

Cassette adapters are a great option if your car has a cassette player. You just stick the "cassette" into the cassette player, and connect the cord to your iPod. Unlike FM Transmitters, you don't need radio signals, so the sound is consistently clear!

3. Audio Jack Cable

If you have a newer car, a cable is great. It's the cheapest (only a few dollars) and is the easiest to use. Just connect the cable from the car audio jack to the iPod earphone jack. It also has other features, such as being able to play audio from your iPod through anything with an audio jack, such as a laptop or other speakers.

Keeping your iPod in place during the car ride Where do you put your iPod in your car when you're listening to it? You can't hold it, because you're driving. We all have our own places for putting the iPod, places that really... weren't designed for holding an iPod. Since car rides can get bumpy, they can also be susceptible to falling or shaking around. iPod car mounts and cup holders fix this problem, because they were designed for holding an iPod in the car. And they'll hold it securely and safely, to protect the wonderful gadget.

1. Car Mounts

An iPod mount literally mounts on your windshield or dashboard. (Note: Some places have laws against placing things on the windshield, for safety reasons) To me, the dashboard makes more sense because then you can place it closer to the radio and cassette adapter, for easy access. A good car mount will keep it secure through the ride, as well as keep it in view and within easy reach.

2. Cup holder mount

Cup holder mounts will hold your iPod and keep it secure in your car's cup holder (as long as you don't accidentally put your coffee on it!). Like the dashboard/windshield car mounts, it'll keep your iPod safe and free from shaking or any scratches.

Charging your iPod

There are many car chargers on the market, that will charge your iPod through the cigarette lighter adapter. Some have combined uses; for example, some FM transmitters will automatically charge it as you play.

By Andy Xie


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