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Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Car

Posted: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

By Richard Jon Aronson

There are various ways to decorate a wedding car. There are two occasions in a wedding - when the bride and her family arrive and another when the married couple leaves for the reception. For first occasion decorate the car decoration in a formal way. For second occasion, you can decorate in a creative and naughty way. Apply your full creativity for this occasion.

When the bride is going to the church for the wedding, the car should be beautified as per taste of the bride. It should portrait her persona and the wedding theme. Some girls might like a simple and formal decoration, while others would like funniness added to it. Decorating the 'getaway' car is the privilege of the couple's friends and relatives. It can also be done by a professional who will do the job as per your desire.

A classic flower garland or wreath can be used for beautification of the wedding car making car look eye-catching. Do not use flying decorations or shoe-polish symbols painted on the car, as guests can get upset. The flower wreath is normally put on the bonnet securely tied. Put flowers all over the car to decorate it. You can also use bunches of flowers.

Put a 'just married' banner along with some colored ribbons and a flower garland. Ribbons are an inexpensive means to make car look graceful. Take care not to decorate the car too much. The car will then appear to be a party car. Either you go for washable paints or anything else for the signs; your point should be legible to everybody. Use pink ribbons for summer weddings, while cream color ribbons are suitable for upper-class weddings. For a formal kind of organza colored ribbons would be best. The ribbons can be arranged all over the car, or can be placed in shape of bows.

A widespread manner to embellish the getaway car is to fasten beer cans to the bumper, using thread and a large hand-painted 'just married' banner. It's common nowadays for people to try new creative ways of decorating wedding cars with interesting messages and signs. These messages are often scribbled on the windows, but make sure that driver's view is clear. Use liquid chalk for such messages as they are easily removable, and safe for the car's paint. There are eye-catching heart-shaped magnets which can be used for the couple's. The best part is that they can be easily removed or attached. Tie some ribbons or balloons to the car antenna to attract and get noticed.

There are lot of other tips and ideas for making your wedding car nice-looking, attractive and tempting to everybody's eyes. Apply your own creativity and artistic ideas to create a unique design for the wedding car that will leave a long-lasting memory in the minds of the newly married couple and the guests attending the wedding.


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